Optimal Furs is a corporation established in Montreal, Quebec since 1998. The Fur Industry has been an integral part of Canadian history as well as culture still very present today. Canada’s earliest settlers used the country, as fur trading post in it’s early days while our First Nation’s people used fur pelts and accessories to survive our harsh winters. Ultimately, while fur has maintained its image of being a historical and classical element of culture, Optimal Furs has maintained its image of always making it look trendy.

The company’s president, Nick Markou, has worked in the fur industry in Canada since 1979 and was very much immersed in this industry growing up. His hometown in Greece, Kastoria has been renowned for its Fur Industry for many years. Working with Fur has been a fundamental part of his family for many generations.

Throughout the years, Nick has spent countless days and nights looking for ways to reinvent the look and appearance of furs by combining it with different materials, fabrics and designs. It is through a myriad of accessories that his collection of designs can be showcased that are not only trendy, but also affordable for all consumers. At Optimal Furs, we can guarantee that there is something for everyone!


Our company is located in Canada in the “Garment District” of Montreal and all of our products are produced with genuine and superior Canadian and Scandinavian Furs. We use only the best high quality materials when manufacturing our products. Mink, Fox, Coyote, Finn Raccoon etc. are only a few of the many different types of furs we use to produce our accessories.


Russian Partner.

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Lynn Fox
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